This is a free radio, where anyone can be a DJ and be part of the collective that organizes the radio. The collective is an horizontal one, therefore we don't have leaders, and everyone has the right to speak their mind; we don't take votes, all decisions are reached through consensus.

We broadcast without the government grant because we believe in (and fight for) the right that everyone can (and should) be a broadcaster, not just a receiver of news and culture. Take a look at open spectrum and free radio

Each DJ broadcast 1 or 2 hour per week (take a look at the weekly schedule), and each DJ is responsible for all the content she/he broadcasts. The only restrictions are: no commercial ads, no political party ads and no religious propaganda. Other than that, anything goes!

The name Muda can mean diferent things in portuguese: it can mean MUTE or CHANGE or even a SMALL (growing) TREE.

Weekly meetings of the collective take place every Monday, at 20 o'clockin front of the studio.

Every semester takes place the Schedule Meeting, always previously announced through the site.


We'll soon have more texts in english here!

Meanwhile listen to our live streaming.

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